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Welcome to the writing section of my site.  This is not where I keep my blog.  This is where I post things that I have written that I have sat down, pondered and put a lot of thought into.  I will list these chronologically for your mental switching pleasure. 


Faith (5.11.2002) - I used to be a devout Christian.  Now I am very much not.  This was written around the time of tranformation. 

life, continued (8.22.03) - Written just over a year after I left my former faith

Anticrisis and Dark Gently (12.28.03) - People were asking about the nature of the music I was writing.  This addresses those projects.

On The Nature of Relationships (8.4.04)  - My position evolved and became very liberal.  People kept asking me what I believed.  I told so many people that I just decided to write this instead.